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Mary Mary
J068 Christmas at the Cabin
J067 Forest Hill
Apron Strings
J065 Sassy Sewing Set
J063 All Wrapped up for Christmas
Cherry Lane
J060 Orange Blossom
J061 Central Park
Ivy's Blooms
Kitchen fare pattern cover - promo
J056 Dashingly Dreamy
J057 Dashingly Delightful
J052 Little Tree Fabric Boxes
J055 Somewhere over the rainbow
J054 Christmas wreath
J053 Tree top tote
J051 Frill Seeker
J050 A bluebirds welcome
J047 Robots @ Play
J046 R is for Robot
J049 Girl friday
J048 Latte Delight
J045 Stitch a little Christmas
Audrey pattern cover
J043 A Penny for your Thoughts
J042 Poppies for You
Tea for two
Suzie's Sweet Shoppe
J037 Adelaide's Notemaker
J040 Millie's Market Day
J038 Candy Girl
J039 Holly's Bouquet
J035 flowers for daisy-mae
J034 @home messenger tote
J033 Holly & Rainbows
J032 For the girls
J030 Journal Secrets
J011 Holly Jolly Christmas
J029 Thelma's Day Out
J028 Vintage Christmas
J005 Frilly Dilly Bag
J012 Sweet Janice
J016 Bug in a Rug
J017 Christmas Cheer
J018 Citrus Crush
J009 Butterfly Kisses
J008 Bag of Tricks
J004 Crinkle Christmas
J002 Christmas Traditions